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Reduce your carbon footprint by moving away from fossil fuels and cut down on your heating bill

For more than 10 years we have helped our customers to replace fossil fuel heating systems with modern state-of-the art biomass boilers. Our current focus is on commercial and industrial heating systems where in most cases biomass heating offers not only a more environmentally friendly alternative but is also economically attractive.


We are the Canadian partner for European biomass boiler brands Herz and Binder where both companies have installed thousands of boilers worldwide and offer state-of-the art gasification boiler systems which are widely known for their efficiency and reliability.


For customers who prefer a hands-off approach we together with local partners also offer a full- service package including maintenance, servicing and delivery of wood chips from sustainable harvest methods for commercial and industrial heating applications.

Design and Install

Based on over 10 years of experience in Canada and with the support of the manufacturer design teams we can help you find the right system for your needs. Our team will support you at every step according to your system requirements all the way up to providing a turn-key ready installation of a smaller district heating system with a new central heating building, underground pipe network and full network controls.

Contract Heat

We also own and operate several wood chip heating plants in Nova Scotia (Canada) and PEI to supply clean heat from sustainably harvested wood to our customers. This allows our customers to immediately reduce their carbon footprint without requiring any upfront capital investment on their end.


NS Government on wood chip heat initiative (February 2022)

CBC news on PEI biomass heating initiative (November 5th 2019)

Boiler technology

HERZ Energietechnik GmbH - Logo

HERZ Energietechnik GmbH is our partner for commercial and light industrial hot water applications fueled by wood chips or pellets. They offer a single boiler capacity of up to 1,500 KWh where up to four boilers can be cascaded to reach a total heating plant capacity of 6,000 KWh.

Please visit HERZ Energietechnik for more information. HERZ Energietechnik GmbH - Products
BINDER Energietechnik GmbH - Logo

BINDER Energietechnik GmbH is our partner for large industrial or special applications. The boilers are designed according to the specific needs of the customer where boiler sizes can be up to 10 MWh with the possibility to cascade several boilers in one system to achieve the required heating capacity. The boilers offer the possibility to produce steam or superheated water with a pressure of up to 24 bar and can be designed to use uncommon fuel types (e.g., bark or chicken manure mixed with wood chips).

Please visit Binder Energietechnik for more information. BINDER Energietechnik GmbH - Products

Your benefits when switching to one of our biomass heating solutions

Prevent climate change
Predominantly the largest energy use in most buildings is for heating. Decommissioning of fossil fuel heating system therefore significantly lowers the carbon footprint and thus helps to prevent climate change. Wood chips actually create a market for low grade wood and thus help to allow wood lot owners to properly manage their forest using sustainable harvesting practices. This in return increases the carbon capture capacity of the woodland leading to a further reduction in greenhouse gases.
Low emissions
Over the past decades European boiler manufactures have been able to heavily invest into the improvement of their boiler technology due to government programs to support the sale and installation of biomass heating boilers as part of their cleantech heating initiatives. This has allowed to drastically reduce the emissions of particulate matter making the technology suitable for the installation also in densely populated areas and sensitive environments such as hospitals.
Attractive economics
Wood chips are significantly less expensive than fuel oil or propane per KWh especially when considering the expected increase of fossil fuel prices due to the Canadian carbon tax. For larger commercial and industrial applications, the resulting reduction of the annual heating cost will typically allow for an attractive payback on the capital cost. Alternatively, we are happy to evaluate with you the possibility to offer wood chip heating through a heat sales contract with no need for an upfront capital investment.
Proven and easy-to-implement
Our boiler systems have a proven track record and adhere to the highest safety standards thus minimizing the risk of any difficulties during installation, commissioning and operations of the system. They do nevertheless offer best-in-class efficiency while reducing the maintenance requirements. Biomass systems are in general an ideal technology for the retrofit of the heating system for existing buildings using steam- or water-based heating as they can easily be integrated into the existing heating system.
Support your local economy
While oil and propane are traded on world markets and will often be delivered from out-of-Province or in most cases internationally, wood chips are generally readily available all over Canada. Therefore, with the installation of a wood chip heating system you will be supporting your local wood lot owners and forest operators rather than some multinational large corporations.
Price stability
Due to them being generated from low grade wood available in sufficiently large quantities the prices for wood chips have in the past proven to be stable. Therefore, a conversion to wood chip heating will allow you to budget your heating cost for the upcoming years without dependence on world market prices for fossil fuels.
Wood boiler installation in Canada
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Wood heating factory in Canada
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